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Founded in 2008 with two dedicated brothers who have set on a mission to make living spaces livable. And after serving clients for more than 15 years in Dubai and GCC, Architect Wissam Massoud and Engineer Abdallah Massoud formed WMA, to make an impact on your lives.

With the outstanding response from Dubai and countless successful projects. WMA has now extended its services in the GCC region, Middle East, and North Africa. (It was never possible without the untiring efforts of the founders and our devoted team.)

Our team is led by innovative and skilled professionals. Who lift all the frets from your shoulders and make your journey a breeze. WMA is committed to quality and values your interest in the highest regard. We provide you the best talent and qualified architects, designers and engineers - after a rigorous selection.

Project development, On-time delivery, and Client Satisfaction are the core values of WMA.

We ensure you with well-designed and technically sound projects- within your budget and timeframe.

Most Trusted Fit Out And Interior Design Company In Dubai


Innovate - Drive - Deliver

WMA is not just a design firm. It is more than that... We strive for excellence and never settle for anything less.

We are your Project Managers, your Architects, your Interior Designers, your Engineers..., and your team.

Your office, restaurant and home is treated as if we design as our own - and extend our help after delivery.

Your satisfaction matters to us the most!

We build successful business spaces for you. Our Interior fit-out solutions are proven to create meaningful change in your business.

WMA is committed to innovation and proactive use of advanced technology. We follow up with the latest trends in design to fill your plate with fresh ideas to choose from.

Having delivered modern, Italian and sustainable design solutions to our clientele. We are open to newer ideas and newer trends to innovate, pound, and deliver - top-class second to none.

Interior Fit Out Companies In UAE | Best Fit Out Companies In Dubai


WMA started in 2008, creating positive impact on the lives of countless people. Improving the Quality-of-Life within homes and improving the work environment within businesses.

WMA is set to strive and continue its practice in providing paramount services. Providing extraordinary Interior fit-out and turnkey solutions to businesses.

After delivering Superior projects in the commercial, residential, hospitality, and public sectors. And putting at your disposal the first-class services of metal, wood, surface finishes, and maintenance. We aim to expand further!

We take pride in accomplishing the needs of big and small businesses. The use of advanced technology and energy-efficient applications has won WMA the trust of many businesses.

WMA looks forward to the future with the same energy and dedication to deliver exclusive services to you.

Best Interior Fit Out Companies In Dubai, UAE

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