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Metal Lab focuses on all the architectural metalwork in engineering, interior, and exterior instances. Considering all aspects of design along with its durability and feasibility in implementation.

Metal Lab was born out of the need for a one-stop solution for metalwork. To deliver a complete solution customized for your architectural projects.

From top-notch interior metal equipment to the rough exterior metal, Metal Lab has it all for you! Offering a variety of solutions, they have three specializations:

  • Structural Steel meeting your criteria and above. To support long cantilevers or multiple-story buildings. Providing you the top-grade steel to support light curtain walls to heavy loads.

  • Architectural Metal for aesthetic and a clean vibe. Whether you have a custom-made kitchen or a backyard where you want to install metal columns - this is the place to go.

  • Glazing to meet any lightweight requirements that need delicate support. Glazing is where you will get clean, light, and durable metal for your glazed surfaces.

Metal Lab covers all your structural and aesthetical needs. And also fulfilling your hunger for aesthetically pleasing metal. Minimalist, elegant, lightweight, polished, shiny, or matt? Whatever you want, you get it at Metal Lab.



Most Trusted Dubai's Best Interior Design & Fit Out Company, UAE


When we told you one-stop, we didn't mean just metal but actually one-stop! For Wood and for anything else yet to come that you will need.

Wood Work has every piece of furniture/upholstery that you can think of. Furniture that is used occasionally or every day - Hand Crafted or Machine Precise.

Solid wood pieces, exquisite leather, and fabric upholstery - you name it! The elite-quality furniture to suit your office and home.

We have Tailor-made furniture and intricate joinery for durable joints and beautiful detail. To deliver prime furniture and upholstery, we hire the most experienced hands.

Whether you're looking for Turnkey, Fit-out, Joinery & Assembly, Furniture/Upholstery Solutions or Tailor-made. From our top-notch office catalog to the home interior - premium leather and fabric upholstery, professional joinery, and more... Wood Work will take care of everything.

Providing the finest craftsmanship and highly detailed woodwork that is sure to have your attention. We will deliver the masterpieces from the finest hands to yours.

Tin Wall


Do you want to have prime finishing on your new walls? We have that too!

To meet your taste exactly, Surface Design will keep up to your standards. And not just limited to walls - they will provide surface finishing for your new kitchen floor made out of wood. Or your indoor / outdoor metal elements that are prone to rust. They have industry-standard coatings for metals that will keep them from rust - and shining.

Performing exceptional surface design solutions. Including Floor/Wall finishing, Solid Surface coatings, and Acrylic solutions for Glass. Delivered to you with satisfaction!

To establish a new standard and explore new implementations - Surface Design is constantly evolving. Finishing and its application are now used on almost every material. And to keep up to that pace, Surface Design is making new explorations for surface materials.


You have got your office completed with the finest furniture, metal, and all the other embellishments. Now you have to maintain it and keep it up to the mark, right? [WRONG!] We have you covered there too!

Syana traces its origin from our DLP (Defects and Liability Period) Department. That was responsible for taking care of maintenance for businesses - after service. Syana became an individual business, actively helping business maintain their offices.

Syana is now more than ever - powerful, with its own dedicated force. It delivers commercial building owners' the results they want with complete satisfaction.

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