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PROGRAM: Office & Lobby
STATUS: Completed
SCOPE: Design & Build

The Del Monte Office is based on modern, sleek, and state-of-the-art technology. Keeping itself up to the market trends and focusing on newer technological applications.

We designed the Del Monte Office considering their family-oriented clientele. The reception and waiting area are designed with light design elements. The glass and steel complement each other and creates an interesting dialogue.

The reception desk features a marble stone - Inspired by Salvatori - held together by wood. The vertical vegetation uplifts the aura in the lobby with a delightful environment.

The CEO's office is then accessed through the lobby. We designed a functional and cohesive interior fit-out for the CEO's office. The furniture takes precedent from tradition and culture. Yet, the shelf standing with fine-grain wooden planks and a clean metallic structure. The minimalist furniture and traditional style act as a catalyst for a peculiar vibe.

The bathroom also resonates with the modern and forward-looking vibe. The Del Monte office lays itself on the Italian Salvatori notion. Resulting in a robust and contemporary office building.

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