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PROGRAM: Pavilion
STATUS: Completed
SCOPE: Architectural Metal Works / Glass Works

Bringing our creativity in front of the world!

WMA takes an active part in all community events and responds to competition invites. We are not limited to business firms; we take up any challenge.

Seize the opportunity at first sight.

Our contribution to international events and competitions is always alive. One of the marvels before your eyes is the Dubai Expo 2020.

Conceptualizing an introverted space for public interaction and yet connecting to the sky. The form swirls inside out or vice versa from an off-centered center.

Pulling the visitors in at the entrance. At the same, announcing itself from far away, acting as a marker. Its parametric metal form plays for it every instance. The center is held by a tree that also accepts a tube slide.

The metallic mesh takes its interactivity further, visual and sound, both connections. The other side of the form stretches its arm out as a ramp and elevates the user into itself.

The articulation of the metal and the accompanying material has achieved the intended form. We love to be a part of platforms like these. They give us the space freedom to play.

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